Solus Golf

For years Solus Golf has been creating wedges with unmatched technology, allowing all types of golfers, from Tour Pros to average Joes, to attack the greens more aggressively than ever before. With input from leading club designers and PGA professionals, Solus had developed ground breaking features including their revolutionary crescent cut sole, unique center of gravity, increased versatility and in general, superior design. It’s no question how Solus evolved into what it is today, one of the industry leaders in wedge development.

With two brand new models hitting the market in 2013, Solus has taken something great and found a way to make it even better! If you thought the original Solus wedges were impressive, just wait until you get your hands on the 420CS and Tour 720 CS models! Solus has preserved the revolutionary features that made their wedges a hit on the course and managed to add even more technology, making the new wedges more forgiving and versatile than ever before.

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