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Mark Thomas 2007 Tour Report
Valero Texas Open
San Antonio, TX
October 1 - October 7, 2007

Tour News


Solus takes another Top 25 at the SAS Championship on the Champions Tour!

I got started a little late this week because of truck mechanical problems and my 1st wedding anniversary! I traveled home and surprised my wife and family. They weren’t expecting me for another two weeks. It’s not that far and I needed to tend to the Black Knight so it was a two for one! My anniversary was the 30th which was Sunday, so I drove from 3:00 am straight through to San Antonio, Texas. I only lost about a half a day on Monday.

We’re in mourning this week, due to the recent passing of the “Black Knight”. The Heart of America is being put to pasture! The motor just said “enough” on my way back home from Mississippi - 210,000 miles. After taking it to Dr. Chevrolet, it was determined that he had lost two cylinders and would need a new heart (engine). The Solus team has made the decision to retire the Black Knight. He has been the staple of the operation and will surely be missed! We will be introducing the new vehicle soon. It’s an American Revolution and Solus Tour Operations will lead the way. Like a ROCK baby!

I had a request from two players from the Monday pro-am to adjust the lie angle of their new Series 7.1’s. There were three players that I ran into that had Solus wedges. I made the adjustments and regripped both with the new Golf Pride Dual Decade Yellow. They were really excited to have something that was only available on the tour.

The biggest rumor this week is that all bids are sealed concerning the .......... buyout. .......... has withdrawn their bid. Also, I didn’t know it, but .......... is also in the game and looking to acquire ........... Apparently it looks like .......... will be the new owners.

As if I haven’t had enough bad luck, I received a speeding ticket! This is my first one ever! I have been on the road for quite a few years and never, and I mean never got one of these! Boy do I miss the “Black Knight”! This rental car thing SUCKS!

Players and Equipment

I ran into an old friend of Solus, ........... .......... has been playing the Sunbelt Senior Tour picking up a little extra money. He said he had just played with .......... in Atlanta at the Sunbelt Tour Championship. He said .......... had a full set of the new 7.1’ that he had bought. .......... said he just kicked his butt and was really putting the spin on the ball. He couldn’t believe it! This is why he looked me up. He wanted a set of his own.

.......... called me over to show me his new 7.1/61 that he had just purchased. He said he saw it in Edwin Watts and had to have it.

I built two sets for MTSU Q Schoolers and shipped them to coach Whit Turnbow in Tennessee.

Solus donated a four wedge set to the Susan B. Komen Foundation auction benefiting breast cancer research.

.......... is negotiating four player contracts for ‘08. They want two marquee players and two young guns. This is the time of year players are looking at new equipment offers.

.......... asked me if the phone call he made to the USGA did any good. I told him it did and we really appreciate the help. He is ready for the new 7.1 once I have the heads.

.......... came by for a new 61 degree. I regripped it and set the loft and lie.

.......... has gone back to the Solus and asked for a new 4.1/61. No problem!

Spoke to an old friend of Solus ........... .......... and I are really good friends and it was really good to see him out on the Tour. He will be a free agent in ‘08 and wants to take a look at the new 7.1’s.

Champions Tour

Mike worked the Constellation Energy event this week in Timonium, Maryland.

It seems the majority of the players are all on hold for the 7.1’s. Mike got one club out this week. .......... put a 59 in play.

Next week I will travel to Houston, Texas to work with Mike at the Administaff Classic. This will give us a chance to talk and discuss our direction for 2008. I plan on talking to all of the Solus players and communicate with them regarding the status of the 7.1.


I stopped by and visited with the staff at Golfsmith headquarters in Austin. They are really pumped up about the new 7.1’s!

I also stopped into the Frisco, Texas PGA Superstore and worked the floor for about an hour. I had a real good time and got a chance to discuss the 7.1’s with a few of the sales associates.

See you next week,